StumbleUpon is The New Spot to Submit Your Own Posts: Not Reddit

Sometime in 2010 I wrote a post about Reddit which identified it as a good spot to push out your own blog posts. In the aftermath of Digg’s demise, it was true at the time. It is not the case at all any more. It doesn’t matter how good your stuff is or how large the publication or website that you write for is, if you wrote it yourself, you can’t submit it. The Reddit community looks down their noses at that sort of thing and you will get banned if you do it.

In my defense, I was totally unaware that this was even an issue on Reddit until I noticed that my posts stopped getting upvoted on an account that I’d acquired a huge amount of karma points on. After some research, I found I had been banned for submitting my own posts. Since I don’t really believe in gaming the system, especially on Reddit, I was rather embarrassed that I’d so flagrantly flaunted a rule of the community for so long. You get no notice or email when you get banned, you just get banned and that’s it.

StumbleUpon, however, has no such rule, and it is a great source of traffic. The thing to remember about StumbleUpon is that it isn’t enough to cut and paste your link; you must fill out the tag and description fields. Yes, it’s more work, but it allows the StumbleUpon community to find your stuff.

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