New Google Update Penalizing Sites Which Put SEO Before Content

Matt Cutts, a senior engineer at Google, made it clear this weekend that Google has been setting their sights on sites that are gaming their engine. While Google has always made this clear, Cutts dropped a real humdinger by stating that they would be targeting “overly optimized sites”. So what does this mean?

If you are a business owner, it could mean anything. Heck, even if you know a bit about search engine optimization, it could mean anything. But it is interesting that back in 2009, Cutts was in a video expressly saying that there would be no optimization penalties, and yet here we are.

Cutts real point was that Google was trying to shine a light on good content and place sites with good web content (that means writing! Hi there.) above sites that may not have stellar content but have better SEO. This means that if a blogger is particularly good at what they do, they may find themselves outranking multi-million dollar companies for the same key terms in Google’s ideal search engine results page utopia.

This means that if your website contains writing that passes for OK, you may want to upgrade it to crazy fantastic by talking to someone like me or any one of the other stellar web copywriters out there. Because when Cutts talks, changes are soon to follow at the Googleplex.

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