Bad Content Equals Lost Sales Online

A new study confirms that good content is key in buying decisions on major consumer sites.  Are you getting less conversions than you should be?  If so, lack of content or poorly written content is likely the culprit, according to the study commissioned by the e-tailing group, with sponsorship from ARS eCommerce LLC.

From their press release:

(77%) of the 650 women and 350 men surveyed in August 2007 state that their interest in buying from a particular merchant is “very to somewhat” influenced by the quality of content (descriptions, copy, images and tools) on a particular website.

You can read more here – proof positive that you need to make your copy work to get sales.  Contact us today to get started!

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One thought on “Bad Content Equals Lost Sales Online

  • elizabeth gibson

    Are you offering courses in Web Copywriting soon? I really like your material and feel that I could learn a lot. Best wishes, Elizabeth Gibson


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